Voltage, Current and Ohm’s law

Voltage, Current and Ohm’s law


Ohm’s Law! The basic principle which upholds every single principle behind the working of humongous machines on earth and may be outer space too. Ohm’s law defines  the basic relation between the voltage and current mathematically.

I may say that, this one hold up the entire division of electrical and electronics!!!funny ohm's law

Let me take this picture of trolls. Well, The pipeline is the conductor and the AMP troll(basically electrons) needs to crawl and sneak in. For him to do so, VOLT(Voltage)  comes into picture. He kicks his butt through and makes him move on. Here Comes the new guy named OHM (Let’s say the owner), he does not want the two crooks to get in and so he constricts the pipeline to a smaller one.

What do you think will be happening??? Yes! AMP is stuck and so he cannot move ! so any idea of getting him out???? May be one!!

Here comes the role of VOLT. As I had told you VOLT always tries to punch and kick  AMP to make him move. So when his force is lower than OHM’s constriction AMP is stuck and he cannot move on further. In order to pus AMP out ohm can do only one thing and that’s to push the AMP out.

Here  VOLT tries to move AMP  to a more comfortable region. But the OHM is against it and he always resists it and he always tries to stop AMP. That AMP needs an extra push from VOLT to escape through.

Here OHM is the resistance of Conductor,VOLT is the potential difference of Conductor and the AMP is the current through the conductor. So now let’s see the geeks version!

Let’s take a rod at a particular temperature. We know that  everything is made up of as a definite pattern of arrangement called Lattice. So when we apply a potential difference across the end of the conductor the electron’s begin to move. But the problem is electron’s path of movement is very much obstructed by the lattice atoms, which forbid the movement. In order to overcome this obstacle , we need to give the push in terms of voltage. The electron’s gain enough energy and the overcome obstacle and pass through. The obstruction caused is the resistance(better believe it!!). The Voltage is the push and the electron flow is current flow. I had said that in order to overcome this obstacle we need some energy which is actually provided by the potential difference. The used up energy is taken as potential drop across the ends of the conductor.

Georg Ohm got a smell of all these and just drafted a law called Ohm’s Law. This law was later verified by Henry Cavendish (I can see what you are thinking) and confirmed Ohm’s following statement!

“At Constant temperature, the current flowing through the ends of the conductor is directly proportional to the ends of the conductor.”


when V is the voltage across conductor with current I flowing through:

V = I x R

Where,R is the resistance of the conductor.

Awww…..well he might have been shorter and confusing :P.  So, people thought of honoring the guy and named the unit of resistance by the name ‘OHM’. Technically it lame but cool to see the principle in action.

You might ask how the heck does the electrons use the energy to get out………..and that’s for my next post. 🙂


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