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Basics 4 – Potential(Voltage)


In order to bring two like charges near each other work must be done.   In order to separate two opposite charges, work must be done.  Remember that whenever work gets done, energy changes form.

As the monkey does work on the positive charge, he increases the energy of that charge.  The closer he brings it, the more electrical potential energy it has.   When he releases the charge, work gets done on the charge which changes its energy from electrical potential energy to kinetic energy.

Basics 3 – Electric Field


This segment is on Electric field moving on to Voltage and Current and their inter-dependency. This may go slightly ugly so am keeping all my base thought through Newtonian mechanics and I am not going into quantum theory.

The Atomic Bombs – Exclusive


I got to visit the National Museum of the US Air Force at Ohio yesterday and I got to see the real deal ATOMIC BOMBS which devastated JAPAN!

Basics 2 – Charge and Quanta


Charge and Quanta! One topic that is still ridiculously argued among the brightest minds on earth!

Charge: In simple man terms is the electricity in better manner unbalanced electricity in an object/mass!

Basics 1 – Mass & Energy


This tutorials is to kick start your brain regarding electrical energy and its applications.


Mass and Energy are the two fundamental concepts governing life! Physics in particular to say…..

Mass in literal terms is “Quantity of matter contained in a body”.

To explain this, I can say that MASS is the amount of matter(atoms/molecules/elements).

And Energy is the quantity of  work done in/or/for/by the mass.