Analyzing an Electric Circuit

Analyzing an Electric Circuit


This topic is intended on a broad side to introduce you to the basics of analyzing an electric circuit. Though there are various method and rules used for analyzing electrical circuits, the most prominently used ones include Kirchoff’s Voltage Law and Kirchoff’s Current Law. When it comes to Electrical Circuit Analysis, it can be either of dynamic or transient analyses  and static or steady state analyses, both of which are of equal importance in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Starting with Steady State Analysis, It is usually done for DC Networks once the system reaches steady state or no disturbance has been inflicted to it in a long time. Whereas in case of Transient analyses, we are primarily determined to take into consideration the changes in the parameter, when a disturbance is inflicted upon it. We are more into studying how the system behaves rather than how its parameters measure up.

Steady State Analyses of  Circuits – An Introduction

Transient Analysis of Circuits – An Introduction


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