An Introduction to how an atom works?

An Introduction to how an atom works?


Well, A post after a very long time and on my favorite topic – “ATOMMS!!”. I will be elaborating on the basics of the atoms. Known to be as the physical building block of the universe based on matter (To be on side which has been decided and established.), each of atoms consists of proton, neutron and electrons, each of their charge has been discussed in  Charge & Quanta.

Theory of Atoms

The earlier subdivision of an atom existed based on Rutherford and Neil’s Bohr Model of atoms. The birth of the atomic age gave rise to many feature wonder’s including Manhattan Project , Hadron Collider and a few more science wonders such as cold fusion, nuclear fission and superconductivity.

Going down further, the composition of atoms have been further broken down to quark and anti-quark, whose charge and energy base their underlying principle for charge,quanta, mass and energy. They bring about the significance of nuclear forces, which play a major role to today’s humanity.

Finishing  up with the introductions let me got through with the basic theory we will be using the concepts in the current article in our future posts. Our discussion will be mostly oriented towards energy levels, atomic structure and  crystal structure.


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